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"Our oldest recorded ancestor was a woman captured in Guinea, West Africa transported to the auction block in Virginia and given the name 'Silvy'. She had 7 daughters."

Those words have been spoken often by various family historians and sages, and were prominently displayed on the back of a commemorative tee shirt sold at the 105th family reunion. Below that phrase were listed 990 family surnames that have grown to be a part if this illustrious family. From the Able family of 1811 to the Zoller family (no date given), they all share in the legacy of Silvy and her offspring.

The Original Family Tree

The first reunion was held at the home of Wesley and Naomi Mauney in 1906. For many years it was held at the homestead of Eli and Sarah Roberts in Cleveland County, a few miles east of Shelby. Many of us remember it as the Mason and China Roberts home site.

Silvy’s seven daughters, known as the Seven Sisters

Seven Sisters

The male slaves on the plantation

Male Slaves

Wesley and Naomi Mauney
Wesley and Naomi
John Wesley and Ida Roberts
John Wesley and Ida Roberts

These two early family pioneer couples were instrumental in establishing and nourishing the Family Reunion - read their stories in the Souvenir Journal.

The Oldest Living Descendant of Sylvy . . .

Margaret Naomi Mauney Browne

Cousin Margaret (Peggy) Naomi Mauney Browne - the oldest living descendant of Sylvy - was born August 5th, 1912 in Gaston County North Carolina, and turned 104 years old in August of 2016. She is a direct descendant of three of the daughters: Priscilla, Kitty Bird, and Betsy.

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