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~ We've come this far by faith ~


by Graham Watt, Reunion Committee President, March 2018

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Youth 1 Youth 2

. . . My vision for this reunion is that it will go on for another 113 years. For this to happen, it is imperative that we have greater participation from our youth and young adults. I challenge each of us to reach out to our younger relatives, make sure they feel valued and needed, and impress upon them how important their involvement and leadership will be going forward. There is no future without them. Likewise, we must do a better job of recognizing our seniors (the 85+ group) on whose shoulders we have stood to get to this point. I am confident that this family, given its history, legacy and indomitable spirit, can achieve these goals. Your Reunion Committee is working hard to make. sure you have a positive reunion experience. In the meantime, let us continue to pray for one another, for the ties that bind us, and for a great RBMHB "&" Related Families 2018 reunion. I will keep you posted!

Reunion Planning Committee

If you have ever had a desire to become a part of the Roberts, Borders, Mauney, Howell, Briggs & Related Families Family Reunion Organizing Committee, and did not know how to go about doing so or never received a follow up on a previous request, this page should help. The reunion committee is always looking forward to adding fresh perspectives and talents to its already energetic, experienced, and resourceful group of organizers. We expect to face many new challenges in the coming years, and hope that your contributions will make the outcome of our efforts to face those challenges even more rewarding than previous year's.

Committee Officers and members

The President serves a term of two years, after which he or she is succeeded by the First Vice President, who in turn is succeeded by the Second Vice President. A new Second Vice President is nominated by the committee and confirmed by the family every two years at the business meeting during the Sunday luncheon to maintain the line of succession. This method of succession ensures that the office of President is always filled by an experienced committee member. A Secretary, whose responsibilites include recording meeting minutes, and certain correspondence, and a Treasurer, who keeps track of all the monetary funds coming in and out of the reunion, round out the executive committee, and members at large make up the balance of the membership. Current officers and members are listed on the Contact Us page.

Other family members – including some past presidents and former committee members – also continue to play key roles in the year's planning activities.

With the addition of committee members located in different parts of North Carolina, and in other states as well, one immediate challenge we now face is how to include them in the meetings without requiring extensive travel. We have recently begun using phone conferencing and Microsoft Skype to allow members to participate in the meetings when travel to the meeting site is a challenge.

As the family has grown, we have faced the need to accept new realities related to planning and executing the annual reunion. The reunion began in 1906 as a one day gathering of family members on the grounds of a  family homestead, featuring a few picnic tables lavished with home cooked dishes prepared by the grown folks and shared by all who attended. It has since evolved into a three day, weekend long event with different highlighted events on each day. Each day's activities would make for a memorable outing on their own (some of our cousins do rely on just that, only attending either a Saturday or Sunday each year), but together they provide for a truly enjoyable extended experience. Our job as a committee is to tie the entire weekend into a fluid series of meaningful, related events that will satisfy family members of all ages.

Meeting venues

The committee traditionally meets on the second or third Saturday of each month – except the months of September and December - usually at the home of committee members. A schedule of actual dates and places is created during the October meeting.

Family Scholarships

In our efforts to attract and honor our younger family members, the family reunion offers scholarships each year to deserving students attending colleges and universities. Family members who have been accepted to a college or university or continuing their enrollment at a college or university and a full-time student in “good academic standing” are eligible. Scholarships are funded solely by donations from family members.

Reunion Weekend at a Glance

For those of you who are not familiar with the entire reunion program, here is how the weekend unfolds:


  • On-site Registration - Registration table is setup at the hotel.
  • Opening of the Family Museum - Family photographs, memorabilia, heritage documentation, and other artifacts commemorating the families' rich and continuing history are on display. The museum is open to the family as well as the public throughout the weekend. Family members are encouraged to contribute their own photos and artifacts for display.


  • On-site Registration - Registration table is setup at the picnic site.
  • Family Picnic - This is the traditional gathering of food and fun where cousins rub shoulders and consume homemade delicacies as they renew old acquaintances, introduce new and old family members to each other and generally have a good time.
  • Family Talent Show - Family members showcase their talents and gather afterwards to hob-knob and get to know each other better.


  • Family Worship - Our family motto – "We've come this far by faith" – is exemplified and strengthened at this morning worship, which features an address by an esteemed family clergy member or other personality.
  • Fellowship Dinner/Meeting - Immediagely following the worship, a catered dinner is enjoyed by the family, accompanied by special presentations that include family member memorials, special presentations and remarks by family members, and a recounting of the family history.

Our goal each year is to fill each day with enough interest and activity to keep family members engaged and interested.

What, Where, Who and How

In order to ensure that all the reunion activities happen smoothly, the following logistical items need to be handled by the reunion committee within a 10 month time frame. Their planning and execution begin in October and culminate with the final hotel walk-through in July.


  • Complete Hotel Arrangements (signed contract)
  • Registration – print and mail paper forms
  • Membership – Verify membership list, recruitment, etc.
  • Media – Web site, Online Registration, Newsletter (printing and mailing), etc.
  • Complete weekend Itinerary
  • Scholarships - accepting applications and disbursing funds


  • Family Museum – Venue
  • Registration table locations
  • Hotel Signage


  • Picnic – Venue
  • Hire caterer
  • Establish menu
  • Setup and wrap-up
  • Transportation from hotel
  • Activities (adult and youth)
  • Talent Show – Venue, Talent management
  • Hire DJ


  • Venue – setup and wrap-up
  • Worship Leader
  • Guest Speaker
  • Complete program roster (to printer by Monday prior)
  • Dinner menu

If you'd like to join the committee . . .

With so much to be accomplished, the reunion committee always welcomes newcomers to its ranks. There are always plenty of action items to go around at each of the committee meetings. Feel free to contact any of the committee members listed on the Contact Us page for additional details if needed to get started, or send an email to

Arnold W. Sanders –
Hospitality Committee Chairman
Roberts, Borders, Mauney, Howell, Briggs and Related Families
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