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2018 - 2020 Reunion Committee

Executive Committee
President Graham Watt
First Vice President Selena Williams
Second Vice President Connie Mata
Secretary Verna Ricker
Treasurer Brenda Ford
At-Large Committee Members
Miriam Bates (Deceased Jan. 2017) Patricia Bates James C. Biggers
Shirley Borders Janice Boulware Bryan Howell
Jean Humphrey Jessica Humphrey Christine Keaton
Winnie Keaton Chineta Maddox Valerie McCullough
Clayton Reid Edgar Roberts Howard Roberts, Jr.
Gwendolyn Borders Robinson Arnold Sanders  
Registration Committee Gwendolyn Borders Robinson (chair)
Shirley Borders
Brenda Ford
Winnie Keaton
Valerie McCullough
Clayton Reid
Hospitality Committee Arnold Sanders (chair)
Shirley Borders
Janice Boulware
Chineta Maddox
Program (Activities) Committee Patricia Bates (chair)
Selena Williams
Contact Information
Name Phone Email Address

Graham Watt

(919) 434-4906

Gwendolyn Robinson

(704) 480-8967

Clayton Reid

(704) 399-5930

Brenda Ford

(704) 598-0545

Selena Williams

(646) 285-4215

Howard Roberts, Jr.

(704) 739-8175

Christine Keaton

(704) 481-1205

Arnold Sanders

(704) 502-0398

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